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Concept Art to 3D Game Character

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

My goal is to transform this concept art to a full 3D game character.

Character Reference


Reference is very important. And in my case, I have no turn around reference for this character.

To make things easier for sculpting, I created a simple sketch of the front view of the base body, side view of the shoulder armor and front view of the bracer.

You don't need to sketch the whole turn-around! Just sketch what you think is complicated to do and hard to imagine during the sculpting process.

Body Mesh


Here's the based body that I've created. It's not yet perfect. The hair and anatomy are still messy, but this is already good for me to start working on her clothes and armor.

Clothes Base Mesh

2D Sketch vs 3D Sculpt

Shoulder Armor Turn-Around

Adding Details

Now that I have all the basic sculpt that I needed, it's time to add more details, textures and polish the sculpt on the character.

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