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My GameDev Journey #0

Since I was a child I really love to play games and I'm dreaming to create my own game someday. I'm no programmer. I'm an Artist! But I have a very high passion for game design.

Then I discovered UNITY. One of the game engines that can help you build your own game!

There's a lot of assets that you can download in UNITY, that's why I fell in love with it.

I started learning different tutorials on YouTube, Udemy, and Google just to get started in my game design journey.

I saw Corgi-engine, one of the best 2D platformer assets in UNITY and it helps me create my game prototype and bring my ideas to life by just a few codes and replacing the sprites from it.

Running Animation Test

Game Prototype: Megaman inspired.

But I stopped because I was lacking experience in game design, art, and animation during that time.

Fast forward, On Aug 29, 2019, while I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw an old video back in 2015. The game prototype that I made 4 years ago.

I became inspired again and ready to continue my dream game that I wanted to do.

Now that I have more experience, I will do my best again to continue my dream game.

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